Who is Jamal Edwards? Know How Did Jamal Edwards Die

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Who is Jamal Edwards

Who is Jamal Edwards: Everyone is interested to know the answer to this question, Jamal is the founder of the online urban music platform SB. Jamal Edwards is the one to post videos on SBTV Youtube Channel. You may follow us in this article to know who is Jamal Edwards. 

Who is Jamal Edwards?

Jamal Edwards was a DJ and a Music entrepreneur from Britain. He was an ambassador of the Prince’s Trust. Prince’s Trust was a  charity foundation that supports the youth to set up their own businesses. He initiated the Jamal Edwards Delve, which focused on opening new youth centers.

Jamal Edward Personal life

Jamal was born in Luton, England. He lived his earlier life with Stepfather Patrick, his mother Brenda Edwards, and his younger sister.  He took part and got the fourth position in The X factor when he was a child.  He studied in Acton High School and was well trained in the subjects of ICT and music. He studied in the Ealing Green College, from which he obtained the BTEC diploma in Media Moving Image. During his childhood, he was a rapper, who found time to film videos with his close friends. He used to post those videos on Youtube. That was the starting point, which made him start SBTV.   

Age 31 years old
Birthplace London
ProfessionFounder of SBTV and music entrepreneur
CollegeEaling Green College


Jamal founded SBTV in 2006, thus he gave chance to begin new careers for several artists. His SBTV served as the online media platform to find out new artists. At the age of 15, Jamal used to rap with his friends. He filmed the video with the camera, which he got as a gift. Later he created the SBTV for uploading his videos. The SBTV Youtube Channel had more than one million subscribers.  His videos became famous soon with more viewers. He left Topman to concentrate on SBTV. Firstly, the content of the  Channel was grime dance music. Later he concentrated on other musical genres.

Jamal Networth

Jamal Edwards networth was nearly 10million US Dollars. His SBTV got a familiarity and hit artists like Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ed Sheeran. He is the creator of the SBTV and is the owner of the Just Jam, which is the Sony Subsidiary record label. He released an e-book in 2013, named Self Belief: The Vision: How To Be a Sucess on Your Own Terms. This book also became famous, which was the number one sold-out one in the list of iBooks. 

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How Did Jamal Edwards Die?

Jamal Edwards died on 20th February 2022 in London. As per the information from his friends, he died due to cardiac arrest. His staff Lady Leshurr told that he gave him the opportunity to showcase her talent in her note. He died at his mother’s house when he was 31 years old. The Prince Of Wales, Charles told that Jamal was the ambassador for the New Generation. 

Who Is Jamal Edwards – FAQ

1. Who is Jamal Edwards?

Jamal Edwards is the founder of the SBTV.

2. What is the networth of Jamal Edwards?  

He has the networth of 10million US Dollars. 

3. How did he start SBTV?

He used the camera that came as a gift to film videos and then he posted in his SBTV Youtube channels. 

4. What is the Profession of Jamal Edwards?

He is the owner of the SBTV and a music entrepreneur. 

5. What was Jamal Nationality?

Jamal had England Citizenship. 

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