Vikram Bhatt Web Series List, List Of Top 10 Vikram Bhatt Web Series

Vikram Bhatt Web Series List: Vikram Bhatt is best known for directing movies in the horror and thriller genre, if you are looking out for Vikram Bhatt Web Series List, then you are at the right place. Read on to discover the Vikram Bhatt Web Series List and check out their trailers.

Vikram Bhatt Web Series List

Vikram Bhatt is an Indian filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, and actor. He was born on January 27, 1969. He is most known for directing the Raaz (film series), an Indian horror series produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, as well as for Ghulam (1999), a film starring Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherji and produced by Mukesh Bhatt.

He was nominated for the Filmfare Awards in the category of Best Director for both of these films. He was previously the creative director of ASA Productions and Enterprises until 2014 before he quit.

Best Vikram Bhatt Web Series

S. NoTitleRelease Year
2Twisted1 & 22017 and 2018

Vikram Bhatt Web Series List

1) Naked

Rishabh Mehta, a hotelier, was found dead. Suraj Kadam, a skilled officer, starts looking into the crime and encounters Natasha Kamra, the major suspect and a professional porn star. But are things really what they appear to be? Is Natasha responsible or not? The fascinating narrative is filled with mysteries from the start, and the reality is sometimes nothing more than a transparent façade. Anupam Santosh directs the series, which stars Aryamann Seth and Suparna Moitra in the key roles.

2) Twisted 1 & 2

Twisted The first season begins with the murder of Naina Raichand, Ranbir Raichand’s wife. Aryan Mathur and Disha Aggarwal of the CID have narrowed down the suspects to Ranbir Raichand and his mistress, supermodel Aliyah Mukerjee. The entire season focuses on Ranbir and Aliyah’s version of events as well as the hunt for Naina’s original assassin. Aliyah Mukherjee is accused of the death of her boyfriend Vinod in Season 2. Later, it is discovered that Aryan, who has spent his entire life attempting to apprehend Aliyah for the killings, has gone rogue. He intends to beat Aliyah at her own play, and thus begins their game of love, hate, and death. Both players are dead set on winning the game at any expense.

3) Maaya

When Sonia experiences a mental breakdown and forgets the previous six months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is compelled to go into her past to determine what prompted the tragedy. Abhishek quickly discovers that Sonia was hiding a dark secret of passionate eroticism and twisted dreams from him. Even if his life had deserted him, he was the only one who could rescue her. Shama Sikander and Vipul Gupta play the key characters in the series.

4) Rain

The series follows Barkha’s life as she is stuck within her home with four characters from her past, one of whom wishes her to be dead. The real question is whether Barkha would be willing to trust anyone and get out of this alive. Sid Makkar and Priya Banerjee star in the series, which is directed by Anupam Santosh.

5) Spotlight

Sana Sanyal, who has defied all obstacles to become a great Bollywood star, is unfortunate in her search for true love in Spotlight. The series follows her relationship’s ups and downs as well as the harsh realities of life in Bollywood. SuhainTatari directs the series, which stars Tridha Choudhury, Arif Zakaria, and Sid Makkar as the key characters.

6) Gehraiyaan

Sidhant Sachdeva directs this web series.  Sanjeeda Sheikh as Reyna Malik, Vatsal Seth as Sahil Arora, and others star in this famous and widely viewed web series, which premiered on June 14, 2017. The plot revolves around a young woman named Reyna Malik, who works as a surgeon. She gave up doing surgeries due to a bad experience, but she soon recovered and chose to undergo another procedure. She had noticed several strange occurrences. Reyna intersects with a man named Sahil in an escalator after the event. He welcomes her to his home since she thinks him attractive. At Reyna’s apartment, he notices some unsettling things. She, on the other hand, dismisses such possibilities, claiming that they are the result of her imagination. Sahil mysteriously vanished one day, and Reyna became depressed. She sets out to find out everything she can about Sahil, and she eventually uncovers some shocking details about his love life. This online serial by Vikram Bhatt will have you hooked until the very last episode.

7) Zakhmi

Arbaaz Ali Moghul directed Zakhmi, which was produced by Vikram Bhatt. The online series, featuring Tia Bajpai as Saira, premiered on February 7, 2020. The plot revolves around a woman named Saira who seeks vengeance on those who murdered her spouse. She becomes entangled in a scheme while on her voyage. She, on the other hand, promises to fight until the bitter end. Eventually, the woman is taken aback when she learns that her relatives are the biggest tractors. This captivating Vikram Bhatt online series will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

8) Hadh

Hadh (limit) is another Vikram Bhatt web series directed by Sidhant Sachdeva and aired in August 2017. A successful businessman and his three sons are at the center of the plot. As the father’s health deteriorates, he calls his sons and informs them that the right choice will be given all of the business. He fosters a tumultuous atmosphere for his criminal sons by doing so. Each of them competes with the other to be the best contender for the vast corporate legacy. Do you want to know who the winner is? Plunge into the series to find out what happens next.

9) Faceless

Faceless is one of Vikram Bhatt’s many productions, which aired on 14 May 2019 and was directed by Satish Shukla. Purvi Mundada plays Isha Thakral and Sid Makkar plays Karan Arora in this murder thriller. The plot revolves around the investigation of a family murder. Cops make every effort to find the perpetrator but are unsuccessful. Isha, the household’s youngest girl child, assists Karan Singh (DCP) in solving the riddle of the family’s murder. They fall in love while conducting their investigation. In the meantime, the truth is still unraveling. Finally, what occurs will astound everyone. To learn more, watch the video!

10) Untouchables

Untouchables, a web series created by Vikram Bhatt, is based on genuine incidents in Western history. The film is directed by Krishna Bhatt and tells the narrative of Sreejita (Natasha Sarang), a medical student who is also financially insecure. As a result, she decides to work as an escort at night to supplement her income. Nasha went to see her customer one day, just like any other day and contemplated quitting her dirty job. But fate had something different in mind for her. That’s because when she awoke from her nap, she discovered that her patient had passed away. Sreejita fled the scene, terrified and traumatized. Her dress was completely soaked in blood, and she was apprehended by cops. She sought to clarify that she was unrelated to the deceased customer. No one, however, was paying attention to her narrative. Keep an eye on the series to find out what’s going on!

Vikram Bhatt Web Series List-FAQs

Are Vikram Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt related?

Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew is Vikram Bhatt

Is Vikram Bhatt related to Alia Bhatt?

No, Vikram Bhatt and Alia Bhatt is not related.

What is the age of Vikram Bhatt?

Vikram Bhatt is 53 years old.

Who is Vikram Bhatt married to?

As per sources, Vikram Bhatt is married to Shwetambari Soni.

When was Vikram Bhatt Born?

Vikram Bhatt was born on 27 January 1969