The Cruel Prince Age Rating, Check The Cruel Prince Parents Guide and Age Rating

The Cruel Prince Age Rating: The Folk of the Air is the first book in this young adult fantasy series The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers and the Cruel Prince Age Rating has been something that many have been looking for. In the article below we will see The Cruel Prince Age Rating, Parents Guide, Review, And More Details About The Cruel Prince.

The Cruel Prince Age Rating, Check The Cruel Prince Parents Guide and Age Rating

The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince of Holly Black is the first book within the folks of THE AIR series. It follows Jude Duarte, a mortal girl living in Elfhame, a faerie world. Swept against her will to Elfhame, Jude must adapt to living alongside powerful creatures with a deep disdain for humans and a penchant for violent delights while also deciding her feelings for faerie prince Cardan Greenbriar. Within the below content, you people will come to understand about The Cruel Prince Age Rating, Parents Guide, Review, And More Details About The Cruel Prince.


The Cruel Prince Age Rating

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is age-rated for ages between 14+. The content in this book could also be inappropriate for the age rating is under 14. Why because they’re giving an age rating under 14 is that this movie includes very mild romance like kissing only. There are frequent bloodshed scenes within the story, and violence is included. There could be strong language in it. The content during this account may be a perfect fit for the age rating of 14 and up because the book is all about fantasy that mature will find interesting. Within the storyline, weapons are often encountered. The characters during this account are complicated, imperfect, and sometimes in charge of hateful acts. Overall The Cruel Prince has an Age Rating of 14 and up. There’s violence, intense bullying, and romance.

The Cruel Prince Parents Guide

Parents got to know that The Cruel Prince is the initial volume of a replacement fantasy series by Holly Black, author of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, and many other books. Supported Celtic folklore, it presents an ingenious new combat Faerie and its inhabitants, the fey. The threat of violence permeates the plot, which incorporates stabbings, poisonings, and deadly magical spells. Swearing is infrequent, with a couple of “hell” and “damn.” Sexual content is restricted to some flirting and a couple of scenes featuring passionate kissing.

The Cruel Prince Synopsis

Jude was only seven when her parents were murdered, and they and her two sisters were dragged to Faerie. Every sister features a different opinion of Faerie, but all Jude has ever wanted is to belong there. Because she is human, most fey doesn’t take her seriously and need nothing to try to get together with her. Ten years later, everything is the same. Prince Cardan, the youngest prince and the most wicked, hates her quite anyone. To realize an area in court, Jude must learn to be cruel and defy everyone that gets in her way. Jude quickly learns she features a knack for deception; she must use her morality as a plus when violent treason is on the horizon.

The Cruel Prince Review

This book is the definition of petty high school drama. We have got a boy that’s a bully, a heartbreaker, and a woman who victimizes herself to act like everyone she hates. Aka, while this book is mean girls When Cardan bullies Jude, it’s like “poor Jude” on the other hand, she does an equal exact thing. Everyone was an unlikeable character except Vivi; readers aren’t sure if everyone was alleged to be unlikeable. Therefore Honestly, the readers say that Jude truly becomes everything she said she hated. Most readers gave the star rating out of 5 for The Cruel Prince is 3/5 stars on Goodreads.

The Cruel Prince Overview

Book NameThe Cruel Prince
AuthorHolly Black
SeriesThe Folk of the Air#1
Recommended Age Rating14+
Followed byThe Wicked King
 Date of Publication2nd January 2018
No. of Page370
PublisherLittle Brown Books for Young Readers

The Cruel Prince Age Rating – FAQs

1. Is a cruel prince an enemy to lovers?  

The Folk of Air series has captivating enemies to lovers romance. Many book lovers list this as their favorite bookish romance. It’s a slow-burn romance with a dark, brooding male fae. The Cruel Prince follows Jude who is a human

2. Is The Cruel Prince A romance?  

The Cruel Prince is a good dose of the story for a fantasy book lover. However, this novel is more suitable for teens above 15. There’s a touch of romance and rivalry in the book.

3. Is The Cruel Prince becoming a movie?  

The Cruel Prince is coming out as a movie it is yet To Be Announced (TBA).