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Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast – Swabhiman: Shodh Astitvacha, is a Marathi daily serial that premiered first on February 22, 2021. Know the full Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast in the article given below. To know more about the Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast, read this article to the end.

Swabhiman – Shodh Astitvacha Serial

Swabhiman: Shodh Astitvacha, is a Marathi daily serial that premiered first on February 22, 2021. Kalpesh Kumbhar directed the film, which is based on the Bengali serial Mohor. The series depicts how a peasant girl will defy her father’s expectations in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professor one day. It will be interesting to see how she finds a means to realize her aspirations in the series. The serial airs on Star Pravah from Monday through Saturday at 6.30 p.m.

Swabhiman Serial Plot

Pallavi is a student who wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Pallavi embarks on an astonishing trip to achieve her ambitions after her father compels her to marry. Her mother assists her in fleeing the house and realizing her ambitions. Pallavi argues with professors in college to get into that college, but she is denied entrance, whereas Shantanu comes from a wealthy family in Pune. He is a current sexist who believes that women should not be allowed to study or work

Swabhiman Serial All Characters Real Name

Here is a list of Swabhiman Serial Cast list with their real names,

Serial CastCast Real Name
Pallavi Bhaskar ShirsekarPooja Birari
Shantanu Prabhakar SuryavanshiAkshar Kothari
Professor Aditi Prabhakar SuryavanshiAsawari Joshi
Prabhakar SuryavanshiAshok Shinde
Suparna Purushottam SuryavanshiSavita Prabhune
Pradeep SuryavanshiAshu Datar
Purushottam SuryavanshiPrasad Pandit
Jyoti Pradeep SuryavanshiRutuja Kulkarni
Meghna SuryavanshiSanika Banaraswale
Vibha Pradeep SuryavanshiMugdha Karnik
Geeta Pradeep SuryavanshiManasi Mhatre
Aseem Bhaskar ShirsekarDipesh Thackeray
Indrayani Bhaskar ShirsekarMadhavi Soman
Bhaskar ShirsekarRavindra Kulkarni
Pallavi’s grandmotherPratibha Goregaonkar
Nandita Bhaskar ShirsekarAmita Kulkarni
GauravKaushik Kulkarni

Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast

Pooja Birari as Pallavi Shilpekar

Pallavi Shilpekar is played by Pooja Birari in the show. She is the serial’s female protagonist. Pallavi aspires to be a professor in the future. She adores teaching and aspires to be self-sufficient. Her father, on the other hand, is opposed to her working

Akshar Kothari as Shantanu Suryawanshi

Shantanu Suryawanshi is played by Akshar Kothari. His parents owned two institutions and have a lengthy history in the education sector. Choti Malkin, Mumbai Diaries 26/11, and Kamla are among his most well-known roles

Swabhiman Marathi Serial All Actors Name

  • Akshar Kothari
  • Ashok Shinde
  • Ashu Datar
  • Prasad Pandit
  • Dipesh Thackeray
  • Ravindra Kulkarni
  • Kaushik Kulkarni

Swabhiman Marathi Serial All Actress Name

  • Pooja Birari
  • Asawari Joshi
  • Savita Prabhune
  • Rutuja Kulkarni
  • Sanika Banaraswale
  • Mugdha Karnik
  • Manasi Mhatre
  • Madhavi Soman
  • Pratibha Goregaonkar
  • Amita Kulkarni

Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast Age List

The complete list of Swabhiman Marathi Serial Cast ages is listed out in a table below,

Swabhiman Marathi Serial CastAges
Pooja Birari24
Akshar Kothari34
Asawari Joshi56
Ashok Shinde60
Savita Prabhune57
Ashu DatarNA
Prasad PanditNA
Rutuja KulkarniNA
Sanika Banaraswale25
Mugdha Karnik40
Manasi MhatreNA
Dipesh ThackerayNA
Madhavi SomanNA
Ravindra Kulkarni65
Pratibha Goregaonkar61
Amita KulkarniNA
Kaushik KulkarniNA

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