Studio Battaglia Cast, Who Are The Cast In Studio Battaglia?

Studio Battaglia Cast, Who Are The Cast In Studio Battaglia?

Studio Battaglia Cast: Studio Battaglia is a television series that premiered on 15th March 2022 the series deals with various problems based on family law, which includes civil unions, confidentiality agreements, and image protection.  The first season of this series was directed by Lisa Nur Sultan, produced by Palomar with Tempesta in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Fans are now curious to know Studio Battaglia Cast. Scroll down to know about the Studio Battaglia Cast and their characters.

Studio Battaglia 

Studio Battaglia portrays the story of the three lawyers. The lawyers were very famous for divorce cases and one future bride. Anna changes her mind to a different path and gets off from the family studio, to begin a new career. Suddenly his father Giorgio appears, who was missing for 25 years. Anna gets introduced to Massimo, with whom her mind feels better when she was at the University. The Battaglia women, get united by a deep love and an irony, face numerous cases. 

Studio Battaglia Cast Names

Cast Name Character Name 
Barbora BobuľováAnna Battaglia
Lunetta SavinoMarina Battaglia
Carla SignorisCarla Parmegiani
Miriam DalmazioNina Battaglia
Giorgio MarchesiMassimo Munari
Marina OcchioneroViola Battaglia
Thomas TrabacchiAlberto Casorati

Studio Battaglia Series Tv Cast (Main)

Barbora Bobulova

Barbora Bobulova is an actress from Italy. Before going to Italy, she is trained at the National Drama Academy in Bratislava in 1995. She gave her debut in the movie, “The Prince Von Homburg”, which represented Italy at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.   She is the winner of th Best Actress Awards at the David Di Donatella Awards in 2005.  


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Lunetta Savina

Lunetta Savina is a theatre and movie actress from Italy. She is known for the role Cettina, in the series “Un medico in famiglia”.In 1985, she gave her stage debut with Macbeth after graduating at Teatro “Aleassandra Galante Garrone” in Bologna.  She had a successful stage career in the Italian language. She acted in the plays like Sorelle Materassi, The Merchant of Venice(Italian Version), and Medea.


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Carla Signoris

Carla Signoris is a comedian and TV actress from Italy. She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Ex in 2009. She was the voice actress for Mrs.Krum in the movie Klaus. She gave her voice for Dory in Finding Demo.

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Miriam Dalmazio

Miriam Dalmaazio is an actress from Italy. She was born in Noce Neighbourhood. She was graduated from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.  She played a notable role in the fiction “Che Dio ci aiuti”. She had acted in the Italian movie “Sole a catinelle”, which was the second highest-grossing movie in Italy. 

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Studio Battaglia Shooting Location

The shooting place of Studio Battaglia is Milan. Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region. Many scenes were cast through streets, architecture, and squares. Few of the scenes were shot as contemporary ones in the historic buildings. Barbora Bobuľováa and Lunetta Savino play the lead role in the series. The additional cast are Carla Signoris, Giorgio Marchesi, Miriam Dalmazio, Thomas Trabacchi and Marina Occhionero. 

Studio Battaglia Cast – FAQs

1. Who is Barbora Bobulova? 

Barbora Bobulova is an actress from Italy.

2. What role does Giorgio Marchesi play in the series?   

Giorgio Marchesi role of Massimo Munari.

3. What role does Marina Occhionero play in the series? 

Marina Occhionero plays the role of Viola Battaglia.

4. On which date, Studio Battaglia was premiered?  

 On 15th March 2022, Studio  Battaglia was premiered on Television. 

5. What role does Lunetta Savino play in the series?

Lunetta Savino plays the role of Marina Battaglia.