Roja Serial Cast, Full List of Cast and Crew of Tamil TV Serial Roja

Roja Serial Cast: Roja is a popular Tamil television serial that has been running for years together. The serial has crossed over 1000 episodes and many wants to know the Roja Serial Cast. In this article, you can see the complete list of Roja Serial Cast, their age, and much more.

Roja Serial

Roja tells the story of an orphaned girl who is full of hope. She encounters Tiger Manickam, her biological father, but they are oblivious of each other’s identities. Roja was brought up in Shanthamoorthy’s orphanage. Because of a deal, Arjun, a criminal lawyer, marries Roja. The plot concentrates on these two major characters and how they approach and overcome life’s obstacles together. The serial is aired every Monday to Saturday on Sun Tv

Directed by Dhanush & V.Sadhasivam
Production companySaregama
Telecasted by Sun TV
TimingsMON-SAT 9 pm

Roja Serial Cast

Indian serials have a fandom of their own. The major plot mainly focuses on family drama bonding. Every regional language has its own way of building up the story. There are many popular Tamil serial that has a fanbase of their own. These serials run for years together but never fail to attract their loyal fans by involving twists and turns in the plot. Roja is one such famous Tamil serial that is being telecasted on Sun TV Network. There are many main and recurring artists in the serial. Ever since its premiere, the followers of this serial are curious to know more about the cast members. In this article, we have mentioned the complete list of the serial cast including the main and the supporting actors. 

CastCharacter Name
Priyanka NalkariAnu” Arjun / Roja Arjun
Sibbu Suryan Arjun Prathap
Shamily Sukumar Priya
Vadivukkarasi Annapoorani
Gayatri Shastry Kalpana
Shiva Prathap
Rajesh‘Tiger’ Manickam
Dr. Sharmila Shenbagam 
Shankaresh Kumar Ashwin
Smriti KashyapPooja
Sunitha Saakshi 
Dev Anand SharmaBalachandran 
Kaavya Varshini ArunYashodha 
LathaCanada Kamakshi,
Kavithalaya KrishnanPurushotthaman
Vivethan RaviBuji
K. Natraj Shanthamurthy
Sumathi ShreSumathi
Shanthi AnandrajPrema Purushotthaman
Akhila RamanamoorthyDeepa Prathap
Paari Malar
Sri Varshan Chinraj Koushik
KeerthanaArulvakhu Vedhavalli
Hussain A. KNavaneetha Krishnan 
Geetha NarayananJudge
Karthika Bose Keerthi
Rani Assistant Commisioner of Police Chandrakantha

Roja Serial Cast Age 

In the table below, we have mentioned the age of the cast member of the Tamil serial Roja.

Priyanka Nalkari27 years 
Sibbu Suryan 31 years 
Shamily Sukumar 30 years 
Vadivukkarasi 66 years
Gayatri Shastry 38 years
Shiva NA
Rajesh72 years
Dr. Sharmila 40 years 
Shankaresh Kumar NA
Smriti Kashyap28 years 
Sunitha NA
Dev Anand Sharma36 years
Kaavya Varshini Arun30 years 
Latha68 years 
Kavithalaya KrishnanNA
Vivethan RaviNA
K. Natraj 72 years 
Sumathi ShreNA
Shanthi AnandrajNA
Akhila Ramanamoorthy35 years 
Paari NA
Sri Varshan Chinraj NA
Hussain A. KNA
Geetha NarayananNA
Karthika Bose NA
Rani 40 years 

Roja Serial Cast Heroine Name

Priyanka Nalkari is an Indian actress and anchor who has appeared r in a number of Telugu and Tamil films. She is now starring in the Tamil Superhit Series Roja. She is one of the most well-known television actresses. In 2019, she got the Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal for Best Actress for Roja. In 2010, she made her Telugu cinema debut in Chandra Siddhartha’s Andari Bandhuvaya. Priyanka also appeared in Kick 2 as an uncredited extra. 3 Kanchana.

Roja Serial Cast Hero Name

Sibbu was an Indian television actor who primarily worked in the Kannada and Tamil languages. Radha Ramana was his first Kannada serial, and Roja was his first Tamil serial. He worked on a variety of television shows. He is a well-known celebrity with a large following on social media.


Roja Serial Actor Name List

  • Sibbu Suryan 
  • Shiva 
  • Rajesh
  • Shankaresh Kumar 
  • Dev Anand Sharma
  • Vivethan Ravi
  • K. Natraj 
  • Sri Varshan Chinraj 
  • Hussain A. K

Roja Serial Actress Name List

  • Priyanka Nalkari
  • Shamily Sukumar 
  • Vadivukkarasi 
  • Gayatri Shastry 
  • Dr. Sharmila 
  • Smriti Kashyap
  • Sunitha 
  • Kaavya Varshini Arun
  • Latha
  • Kavithalaya Krishnan
  • Sumathi Shre
  • Keerthana
  • Geetha Narayanan
  • Karthika Bose 
  • Rani
  • Shanthi Anandraj
  • Akhila Ramanamoorthy
  • Paari 

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