Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast, Who Are The Cast In Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial?

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Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast – Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is a Hindi serial that was released recently, ever since it began the viewers want to know the Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast. Read the article fully to know about Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast, age, and more

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast

Indian serials have a fandom of their own. The major plot mainly focuses on family drama bonding. Every regional language has its own way of building up the story. Hindi serials is always lived by serial fans all around India. They are sometimes even dubbed into their very own regional languages and telecasted. There are many popular Hindi serials that have very good recognition among the fans. One among them is the serial called Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein.  Every serial has its own leading cast and recurring cast members. In this article, you will get to know the list of main and recurring artists in this Hindi serial. 

Characters Played Cast
Dhruv Pandey Karam Rajpal
Kashinath PandeySudesh Berry 
Rupa PandeyUrvashi  Upadhyay
Abhishek PandeyUdit Shukla
PoojaDiksha Dhami
Srishti Chaubey Ketki Kadam 
Dhaani Megha Ray
Srishti & Dhaani’ FatherChaitanya Adib
Srishti & Dhaani’ MotherMeena Mir

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast Age 

In this table, you will know the real age of the cast members of the Hindi serial “Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein”

Karam Rajpal31 years
Sudesh Berry 62 years 
Urvashi  Upadhyay50 years
Udit Shukla30 years
Diksha Dhami25 years
Ketki Kadam 31 years
Megha Ray26 years
Chaitanya Adib51 years
Meena Mir45 years

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial

Serials are very popular in Indian households, so the creators come up with new and exciting story ideas. One such serial that was released recently is Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein. this is a Hindi serial that is aired on Dangal Tv. The story focuses on Dhruv who is engaged to Srishti but things turn upside down when her younger sister, Dhaani gets in between their story. The promo depicted the plot of the serial which kindled the audience waiting for the release. It began very recently and you can watch it from Monday to Sunday, every night at 9:30 pm on the Dangal Tv channel.

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Hero Name-Karam Rajpal

Karam Rajpal is a television actor and photographer from India. He is most recognized for his roles in Suvreen Guggal as Maddy, Mere Angne Mein as Shivam Shrivastav, and Manmohini as the lead. He began his acting career by portraying Ayush Parekh in the television serial Hamari Saass Leela.


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Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Heroine Name-Megha Ray

Megha Ray is the heroine in this Hindi serial. She is from Mumbai and has completed Engineering. Megha is also known as a blogger who constantly updates about her favorite food, lifestyle, and other interests. Megha made her acting debut in the 2019 famous serial Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai.She has also worked as the model for Spotify India and a Platinum brand.


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Actor Names 

  • Karam Rajpal
  • Sudesh Berry 
  • Udit Shukla
  • Chaitanya Adib

Actress Names 

  • Urvashi  Upadhyay
  • Diksha Dhami
  • Megha Ray
  • Meena Mir
  • Ketki Kadam 

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Promo

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Serial Cast – FAQs

1. What is the genre of this serial?

It is a family drama

2. Where can you watch the serial?

You can watch it on Dangal Tv

3. At what time is the serial aired?

It is aired at 9:30 pm

4. On what days is the serial aired?

It is aired from Monday to Sunday

5. What is the name of the Hero?

Karam Rajpal is the hero

6. Who is the heroine?

Megha ray is the heroine

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