Gundamma Katha Serial Cast, Who Are The Cast In Gundamma Katha Serial?

Gundamma Katha serial cast – Gundamma Katha is a Telugu serial drama on Zee Telugu which was launched on 9th April 2018, the popularity of the serial had made fans think about Gundamma Katha serial cast. The article below will offer you details of the Gundamma Katha serial cast.  

Gundamma Katha serial   

Gundamma Katha serial cast involves different characters. In this serial, the female protagonist weighs more. For her overweight, she has been abused by many of them. Initially, Geeta’s husband himself hates her, later through her good deeds, he starts to like her. Here is some of the information about the main cast of this Gundamma Katha. 

Character name Cast name 
Ram Kalki Raja
PriyaMounika Guntuka
LokeswariMoksha Pilli
Gundamma Meghna Sunil
NageshwariChaitra Rao Sachin
Lokeswari Neeraja
RataluCharishma Naidu
SrinivasAshok Rao
MallikaSushma Kiran
RenukaNata Kumari
SaraswatiDevi Sri
ManikyamGS Hari
Poola Ranga RajuSurya Teja
LawyerPosana Krishna Murali

Gundamma Katha Serial Heroine Name 

Pooja plays the role of Geetha, who is the wife of Ram. Pooja Moorthy originally belongs to Bengaluru, Karnataka. During the audition of Gundamma Katha, she was happy that the serial concentrates on the problems of the heavy girl.  She began her career as a child artist in the Kannada serials like Antharu, Railu Jeevi and Mahanadhi. When she was studying in the College, she acted in the serials Pancharangi, Oh Devare, Pom Pom and Milana. She completed her graduation in commerce and she had worked in software services earlier. She rejected the offer to act in Brahma Gantu, which was the remake of the Gundamma Katha in Kannada. Here is the Instagram link of actress Pooja. This is the Instagram link of actress Pooja

Gundamma Katha Serial Hero Name

Kalki Raja plays the role of Ram. Kalki is a Telugu actor, who has acted in several Television channels. He acts in the Telugu serials, who is best known for his acting. Kalki had worked with many of the big personalities earlier, before coming acting in this serial. In this serial, he initially hates Geeta as she is an overweight person. This is the instagram link of actor Kalki Raja.

Gundamma Katha Serial Story

This serial revolves around the story of an overweight girl, who faces problems and criticisms. As a result of being overweight, her mother-in-law hates her. Initially, her husband Ram dislikes her character as she is overweight. She faces hurdles and learns to overcome struggles as the day passes. Finally, in one day, she becomes the Village President due to her confidence. The story involves how she faces her mother-in-law and her co-sister to attain victory. Some like her due to her good character. 

Gundamma Katha serialDetails
Timing1.30 p.m
Release date 9th April 2018
Original networkZee Telugu
Online streaming platformZee 5 app

Gundamma Katha Serial Actors 

The Gundamma Katha serial Actors have been shown in the below list.

  • Kalki Raja
  • Shravan
  • Ashok Rao
  • Prabhakar
  • GS Hari
  • Surya Teja

Gundamma Katha Serial Actresses

The Gundamma Katha serial Actresses have been shown in the below list.

  • Pooja 
  • Mounika Guntuka
  • Meghna Sunil
  • Sushma Kiran
  • Charishma Naidu
  • Neeraja
  • Ragini 
  • Vandhana

Gundamma Katha Serial Promo

Some of you might not have watched the trailer of this Gundamma Katha. For them, below is the link to watch the latest episode promo. 

Gundamma Katha serial cast – FAQ

Which channel, the Gundamma Katha serial is telecasted?

Gundamma Katha serial is telecasted in Zee telugu.

Which is the Online streaming platform of Gundamma Katha serial?

Online streaming platform for Gundamma Katha serial is Zee5 app.

Who plays the lead female role in Gundamma Katha serial?

Pooja plays the lead role in Gundamma Katha serial.

Who is the hero of the Gundamma Katha serial?

Kalki Raja plays the lead role in Gundamma Katha serial.

Who plays the Shiva role in Gundamma Katha?

Shravan plays the Shiva role in the Gundamma Katha serial.